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  • The men's Trail t-shirt is a new, durable running shirt. This top is light and quick-drying, very durable and tolerates rough treatment. This makes it great for sports such as cross-country running, track and field and orienteering. It has a slim shape that goes in at the waist and a zip at the neck. The t-shirt is made from a breathable fabric, and there is also a large ventilating panel on the back and under the arms which removes heat and sweat effectively. This allows optimal moisture transfer, which is vital in challenging conditions.
    kr. 399
  • The men's Fast t-shirt is our no-compromise elite model! It is great for activities such as running, athletics, circuit training CrossFit and spinning. The Fast t-shirt is made of the best functional fabrics on the market in order to create a top fitness tee that has superb stretch properties and is very light - just 95 grams at size L. The t-shirt's fabrics are extremely quick-drying and breathable, and the tee also has large ventilation panels on the back and under the arms, so that it rapidly transports sweat away from the body and provides a more comfortable exercise experience. The Fast t-shirt has a regular to snug fit, and with its stretch properties it is really great to wear. The tee also has a loop at the back of the neck to hold the wire to your earphones in place, if you want to listen to music during your workout. The product was successfully tested and approved under extreme conditions in Race Across America, where the fabrics were tested at temperatures as high as 43 degrees Celsius over a distance of 4800 km throughout 8 days. An excellent t-shirt for boys and men who want the very best on the market.
    kr. 319
  • The men's Run t-shirt is a technical running tee designed to provide a good running experience. This bestseller is comfortable and stretchy, and has ventilating panels in the back and under the arms which improve the running experience. The Run t-shirt has a loop at the back of the neck to hold the wire to your earphones in place, if you want to listen to music during your workout. The fit of the t-shirt is regular to slim. It is also highly suitable for other types of training, such as circuit training, group classes at the gym, handball, football, CrossFit and spinning.
    kr. 239
  • The Run Ecogreen t-shirt is a lightweight and airy training t-shirt for men. The t-shirt is made of recycled polyester and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the Run t-shirt. The t-shirt is woven and has a slim fit for men. This running t-shirt features ventilation panels in sweat zones on the back and under the arms that makes the tee extra comfortable. The running t-shirt for men is suitable for all types of fitness excercises, such as yoga, step, aerobics, cycling, spinning, but it's especially good for running because of its good ventilation and fast drying fabrics. This product uses fabrics that are manufactured from recycled PET (raw fabric of polyester) that uses 33% less energy compared to the production of new PET.
    kr. 239
  • The men's Free T-shirt is a technical tee made from a light and stretchy fabric. The fabric is also quick-drying and breathable, which means the tee is perfect for activities like running, athletics, football, handball, workouts at the gym and also for leisure. The t-shirt has a looser fit, not as slim as various other models, making it a favourite for clubs and teams. Put your own design on this for your club or team.
    kr. 159
  • A bestseller shirt that now offers a new material that is even more comfortable and humidity transporting than ever before. The shirt will feel light and comfortable on your body and is great for both short and long runs with it's newly improved ventilation panels.
    kr. 99 kr. 239

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