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  • Elite cycling knickers for children and teenagers! Technical cycling knickers for children in a lightweight and ventilating material, these Lycra shorts ensure an optimum and comfortable fit alongside a freedom of movement. Offering padding from CyTech and adapted for either boys or girls, these cylng shorts give you an additional quality and flexibility that is vital for the keen cyclist.
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  • The junior Elite cycling bib shorts are our best-selling cycling pants. They are technical cycling shorts in lightweight and breathable materials. The cycling shorts are made of stretchy Lycra to ensure an optimal fit and good freedom of movement. The padding, especially designed for men, comes from the Italian CyTech, which is one of the market's best manufacturers. It is moulded and has zones of varying densities for the best possible protection while at the same time providing you the best possible mobility. The bib on the cycling pants is made from a breathable material and feels very comfortable on. The cycling shorts were tested in a wind tunnel at NTNU with good results. The shorts are great for warm days, and will help give you many good cycling experiences, no matter the length of the ride. These are the perfect bike shorts for those who cycle a lot and who are looking for that little bit extra when it comes to quality.
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