Privacy statement

It's important for us that we handle the information you give us in a secure and justifiable way. When you shop with us, we keep for example your name, adress, phone number and e-mailadress. This is information we need to deliver the goods to you through the carrier that you choose, or if we need to contact you regarding you order. We are also imposed to keep this information in conjuncion with accounting, fee handling and any warranty-/return handling, and therefore we can not erase this history. Due to security reasons, we're also keeping the ip-address that were used for ordering. Card numbers and information is beeing stored by a third part after the provisions in the Privacy Act, and not by Trimtex Sport AS outward what's necessary for securing effective handling by any problems with charging, repeal of reservation and crediting.

When visiting, a cookie generated from Google is placed on your computer. For the webshop to function optimally, it requires that you accept the use of cookies. Most browsers supports this automatically. A cookie is a small piece of text that's being stored on your computer, and contains information about what you do and how you use the website. The cookies is being used by our marketing department so they can analyze where the traffic is coming from. We give your securety the highest priority.

Shopping should be easy and straightforwardly, and you can be assured that we keep your data correctly.