Ethical guidelines

In Trimtex, we want trading to contribute to sustainable development. We make demands to our collaborators to safeguard both labor rights and environment. It's national governments main responsibility to secure that human rights, labor rights and environmental considerations is safeguarded, but it doesn't exempt private traders like us for responsibility. As a trader in the international market, we have a responsibility to secure good working conditions throughout our supply chain. When the materials for our exercise clothes is beeing produced, it's important for us that environmental considerations are safeguarded. We make sure that the materials we use is Eco-Tex, Iso- and Reach-sertified. It means that none of out materials contains damaging or hazardous substances. We care about animal welfare, and all the down we are using in our products is coming from food production. We don't use down from live animals under any circumstances. As a precautionary principle, we have decided not to use nano silver as an antibacterial coating in any of out products. 

We are working to raise awareness among all employees, collaborators and customers about the importance of etical trading, and we exclude potential suppliers with an unethical performnce. Trimtex wish to contribute to openness around our factories, and we can assure you as customers that our goods is beeing produced at factories where people doesn't get exploited in any way. Our production is mainly at Trimtex Baltic in Estonia under established conditions. Some of our production is in Asia with suppliers that has good working conditions and terms, under Asian benchmark. 

Our ethical guidelines and the objectives of out workd, is enshrined in a "Code of Conduct" document. This document describes the requirements we have for our suppliers. Consensus about these principles is a precondition to enter, maintain or renew a traiding agreement. The guidelines i the document is based on international recogniced ILO - and UN-convensions. Since "Code of Coduct" is beeing actively used in foreign languages, this document is written in English. See the document here 

Our suppliers:
Estland: Trimtex Baltic OÜ , Protex Baltic OÜ og Nirgi Servis OÜ. 
Asia: Wuhan Briway Co.Ltd, Luen Ford Sportswear Fty.Ltd og ASG Vina Co.Ltd